Muzza's Presidents Report September 2017

To the TERCerians,

As a great man once said,

“Well what a big week in Football it has been”……but for us its “What a big month in TERC we have had!!”

Well what awesome conditions at our Bakers Beach Enduro, its was pretty well perfect racing conditions.

First and fore-most we have to acknowledge how well the endure track was laid out and

constructed by Vice president Phil and his merry-men, as you will all agree the course of the track and set out of the pit area was quite first class.

It was great how the Pee Wees were close and we could all go and see where the TERC talent is planted and grows..

The flowing Pee Wees track had these little guys n girls up on the pegs with #24, one of our Dealership Riders out showing that he can ride,

but not to be out done by young #20 that he is a 3rd generation TERC rider.

Its just great to watch the style of these kids that some day they might be wearing the #1 Plate.

On behalf of all the kids, thanks to all the Mums n Dads that get up earlier load all the bikes and make the trip out to the venue and support

So race day came around for the juniors and if the weather was anything to go on, the day was set to be a good one.

As usual Ash from Motorcycle Scene had The Pee Wees all in order and as always he was organised (thanks to Mel).

Out came our four wheeler friends where they certainly looked the part, especially the gun rider #13.

But I must say Team #111 looked very pretty from the rider, the mechanic to the dietician and support crew.

The little juniors were all scrutineered and "chomping at the bit" for their clutch off.

The race ran well with only just the regular racing challenges put to the riders.

Then the bigger juniors rolled up around lunch and they all came to play.

#35 'donned some fresh shoes for the day, #34 was flanked by his team that looked great in their awesome embroidered team polos and #228 rolled up to the start line ready to ride.

#72 was on the gas earlier and was smashing it, while #54 showedno fatigue in racing MERC the previous weekend and yet #25 simply rode under the radar like one of these factory riders from Team Beta.


Something that should all know and don’t really see, that these guysall have a lot of fun and laughs amongst themselves on the start line just before they race. It is soooo pleasing to see the good comradery and sportsmanship between our junior riders.

Then came Sunday, the sun started to shine through, the big boys have come out to play.

The orange 300 wearing the #1 plate made its way down to the pointy end of the grid, while #525 was happy just to be there and take it all in amongst our big guns

The riders got away cleanly and the crowd watching their clocks in readiness for the first pass.

At around 29 mins there were signs of some orange through the bushes, followed by what looked like a number 8, but was in fact a number 3.

Refuelers were getting ready for the second lap dash for a splash.

Where seconds count its entertaining to watch how the teams refuel and riders replenish.

#6 was on the pegs and was in front of his fellow starter,

#2 was pumping, but couldn’t catch #1, who definitely showed us what home ground advantage is.

#11 and #70 duelled each lap, where #10 certainly was in the mix.

If riding the #111 quad on sat wasn’t enough, #5 backed up his stellar performance to come in forth behind last years no.1.

#62 certainly put the E in endurance while #525 showed us training hard pays off. #175 didn’t disappoint while #8 flew under the radar and finished in the top 10.

#112 did the girls proud, while #713 rode his blue barron hard all race.

#747 showed our young guns that he has still got it and #888 ploughed through his 3hrs.

Thanks to the support crews and all the volunteers that make the day.

I huge shout out of thanks goes to Ash and Bels for their "on-field" and "off-field" efforts.

Our sweepers can’t be forgotten as these guys are there for our help, so thanks to all of you.

But the biggest thanks goes to the track builders, and all those that HELP PACK UP, 'cause there is nothing worse than a handful of people left rolling tape up thinking they could be on the beers when everyone has left for home.

So to be Captain Obvious, events just don’t happen.

We have a million phone calls, emails and texts made and exchanged in the lead up to our RONALD MCDONALD weekend, and even a special meeting to discuss our options with the main intent to GO RACING!!

And that we are, we are heading out to Yolla/Oldina for our Grass Track event, still on the same weekend.

If it wasn’t for our foresight to submit a second permit 8 weeks ago for “just in case we get too much rain at Bakers Beach”, none of us would have the option to pursue our passion, and that’s ‘donning the gear and riding our beloved bikes next weekend

I big thanks to Matty Ryan, our Bakers Beach property owner for going to extra lengths in hosting a Grass Track, but the weather has beaten us, which is disappointing and expected this time of year.

With all of us being volunteers, time is one of the reasons (7 days), where a 2-day event will be hard to orchestrate in building TWO tracks (plus a Pee Wees track) for TWO days, so we have decided as a committee to make our mission and go for a fantastic racing weekend in our regular format, rather than a half effort of a 2 day event.

So yes, Pee Wees and Juniors will be on Saturday and Quads and Seniors will be on Sunday.

I must say extreme efforts and thought was put into ways of overcoming parking issues, unloading of bikes, a paddock turning to soup and all of us getting foot-rot. But as mentioned, our mission was only with the eyes on the prize, and to actually hold an event.

If you remember one thing from this report, please be it that…………

WE WILL NEED FLAGGIES on BOTH days for our grass Track this weekend.

We will need the yellow board filled promptly prior to racing as we are hoping to get a FULL day of racing on both days as being our second last race of the year, we thought we would squeeze in as much track time in as we can, as that’s what we are all there for.

We have some awesome activities and huge fun planned; like face painting, a jumping castle, a silent auction with huge range of items and prizes, static displays and great food where a lot of proceeds will be donated towards Ronald McDonald House.

It’s hard to single our members of the committee as we all do so much, but a huge thanks to Ash for arranging all the council and police permits, arrangement of caterers, organising of stuff that none of think about until the day and this is all done on our behalf.

Don’t forget, if you have not marked on your calendars please note that our

Junior Presentation Day is on the 09DEC and the

Seniors Presentation Night is on the 25NOV.

For the Juniors this year we are heading out to Loyetea for a BBQ lunch, trail ride for the

Pee Wees, small juniors and big juniors.

The permit for our event is approved and we are all set for a relaxing casual day

We have already arranged to get out there a truck to use for our Trophy presentation, the toilets and the caravan with our track building gear in it, but ever the case will be a great day.

As you have just read there is a fair bit happening in TERC land so if you can help anywhere please put your hand up.



Muzza #307

2017 President