2017 Rulebook Updates

1.3 Each officer bearer and committee member will hold a Working with Vulnerable People card as per requirements from 1st January 2017.

2.1 All competitors; (and their riding partners in the case of a Pony Express) must be financial members of the Club; the annual fee is $100 single; $120 family (16 years and over pay a single fee); A one day membership fee is $50.  A full membership is from January to December.  Day memberships are for that day’s event only.

3.6 Top 20 Ironman are not permitted to sweep at events on tracks where Juniors race before a Senior Event – track builders exempt.

3.7 Rider must receive the chequered flag otherwise deemed as DNF.

3.10 In the event of a tie in a championship, it will be decided on most highest placings.

4. For Ladies over the age of 16 years - including the CRF 150R with wheel size to be 19” front factory fitted wheel.

4. Pee Wee OPEN - 50cc class for faster bikes & riders - no bike type required (faster riders than PW A)

4. Junior Open A, B & C Grade (old 100 - 200 class) Up to 250cc (250 2 stokes must be ADR compliant), riders must be 13 years of age and over

6.2 A pony express must have a mass start

7.6 no refuelling from drums greater than 10L drums or 20L tuff jugs

7.9 TERC Members found to be riding on tracks within 4 weeks of the event to be held at that track, but not helping with track building will be disqualified, start last at the said event or dealt with as the Committee sees fit.

8.18 Permitting to wash bikes during an event in the pit/ solo area with up to 20L fire extinguishers and hand washing ONLY, no pressure cleaners.

8.19 Riders must dismount bike in the pit area and resume at walking pace

11.1 All riders with the exception of Pee Wee C, must wear appropriate motorcycle boots.

12.2 The maximum engine capacity for a 2 stroke engined quad shall not exceed 550cc for grasstracks & 1000cc for enduros, and be of no more than 2 cylinders.