Calder Presidents Report

Muzza’s Message….Calder-MAR17

Well TERC is alive, after a busy off-season for the many riders that have been training or just having fun and then also the massive behind the scenes effort saw it all come together for a great weekend up at Calder for both the Junior and Seniors Day.

On the subject of “Off Season” I just thought I would let you all know that we DO have a hard working committee that bands together and does many of “behind the scenes” work.

EVERY race meet demands permits and permission forms for the likes of property owners, neighboring farms, the relative councils, the police, Tas Ambulance, the Forestry Commission and numerous others which all constitute to a 4-5 month time frame to organize just one event, and we have 9 of them………………..……………………….and yes Thanks heaps to Ashlea Fenton.

In this break we have purchased a lot of tape for the our tracks, updated our website, have had our arrangements for MyLaps sorted with the MYLOs (My Laps Operators) going to a roster system, we have submitted endless streams of paper work to various authorities for our 2017 race events, ran our AGM (see website for positions filled) and have had a well-supported Training Day already in February.

Thanks to the Girls who just do the jobs that bring it altogether like Belle, Thalia and Kym.

I can assure you that their passion is shared by the guys out there planning track layouts, organizing caravans & toilets, making sure we have enough pegs and tape, and even building tracks in their sleep.

We have too many to name, but they know who they are as they are all in the “loop” with Jakesy, who is our Track Director for the 2017.

This year we have two vice presidents in club stalwart Phil Bird and top ten rider Alex Febey who both bring to the table vast riding experience and great ideas. Looking forward to working alongside both these guys, who are most approachable for anything you may require.

So if you have a spare day or afternoon in the weeks leading up to one of our events please make contact with Jakesy and he will “hook” you up with a time and place to assist in building our next track.

And remember you are most welcome to take your kids out and make an afternoon, morning or even a day of it.

Saturday saw the Motorcycle Scene and Sherco flags flank the start line for the start TERC racing calendar where we kicked off with a good turnout in ideal racing conditions for the Calder Enduro. 

The riders had some good clean rounds with only a few minor “offs”.

Our Junior Riders Rep, Brett Wilson coordinatedthe show to have everyone riding well with a good day for all.

The Pee Wee track was positioned well, in the sun with a mixture of grass track and a little bit of enduro riding for these UAC riders. It’s great to see the support from the Mums and Dads, and even some of the Pops out there like LM Keegs.     (BTW……….UAC=up and coming)

So as the sun came up, the blinged up bikes with their impressive sticker kits rolled off the transporters and the new gear was donned for the first senior’s race of 2017.

Sunday saw all the big guns come out with the likes of three new bikes for our three top riders.

Baylee showed us how to ride the new Honda CRF, Turtle rode his new Yammy very well which by the way was all blinged up and then Lincoln, our number one rider for 2017 rolled out his 2017 KTM300 and certainly justified that number ONE worn on his plate.

Daniel and his crew of track builders must be commended for a great track, it’s good to see that these guys stood up and provided a great track for us all. Their efforts in the weekends prior and the days before certainly had us an A1 enduro circuit.

Yes, we did have two unfortunate incidents and our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Daniel and Tahlia.

Thanks to Rod our First Aid Officer, his knowledge and services were undoubtly appreciated.

Our grand finale is our 8-hour event, and so I just thought it would be timely to give you the heads up.

This year it is at St Helens on some awesome tracks close by the East Coast MX Club, it’s on the long weekend in November (04/05), which gives you Monday to drive back/clean up & still have a day off.

Yes there is a buggy race on and a Fishing Comp on as well, so it may be a good time to look into your accommodation if you plan to stay in the area. There is FREE camping available on site, just contact VP Phil for details.

The committee is quite enthused to be heading to such a place for our BIG race, and so we encourage all to make a weekend of it, as it will be the last race of the year and the last race for 3 months.


Our next race is only a week away, where we are all heading to Smithton for our first Grass Track. The property owner tells us the track surface looks great and should hold up to our extreme racing of both the junior and senior’s day. 

Although the conditions of the track are not as dry as to what we experienced in 2016, the race committee of the day will monitor the conditions on the day and may see it fit to make some minor changes for the betterment of our safety and clean racing.

Looking forward for our next TERC race meet at Smithton on the 18/19MAR, just follow the red TERC signs.

Stay upright and race well