Calder Quad Rep Report

The first race for another year of terc racing for quads .

Little bit sad to see only 4 bikes turned up , but the boys made 

the most of it and had a great day out on the track .

1st place to clinton sheridan 

2nd matt reilly

3rd jess gee

4th mav bakes with a dnf due to an engine malfunction .

A huge thankyou to everyone who made the day happen , without you we would never race in these top locations .

For this year to support the growing 4x4 quad trend terc has introduced a class for up to 1000cc 4x4s quads to race at enduros , so get your mates ready for the first enduro . Must have kill switch , numbers as per the rules, and have all racks and after market lights removed .

Get your bikes ready for our first grass track for the year on the 18th at smithton , itll be a great track  as last years have shown .

thanks #16 john elliott