Muzza's Presidents Report - Deep Creek

Presidents Report 


As we look to our next TERC weekend, let's just recap on the FANTASTIC weekend that was had at our Deep Creek Enduro Junior and Senior Days.

To say it was a great track, is an understatement and to #42 and his crew with the likes of #20, #Q15 and #228 spending many weekends in the Pines was well worth the effort, something we all benefitted from.

The conditions were ideal, the location was quite central and the racing by all reports was good and enjoyed by both the riders and the many spectators.

A big thanks to a few of the juniors like #54, #79, #228 and #373 in making an effort and helping their dads track build, which is pleasing to see the juniors help build our tracks, 'cause I guess in years to come WE will be helping them.

Something that needs noting here, by you significantly helping to track build and spending many hours rolling out tape and preparing the race circuit gets you to ride the track in your role as track builder.

So for those riders that need that confidence like #307 and #142 in preparation for your come back or just want to be sure you bring your A game to race day, like #69 and #222 to track build and ride your bike is well and truely within our rules. (this ruling is of course monitored).

So with the last minute finishing touches on the Friday prior to racing we had a track with everything, like dead mans hill, some awesome twists n turn through narrow race  lines, sections for the skillful and then the infamous "Hookeway Pass"... yeap the scaffold bridge built by our own club professional scaffold bridge builder from Hookway Building and Bridge Construction (thanks to Hookie from all of us).

There were no real issues of concern, only just a few minor house keeping rules that we need to be conscious of like getting off your bike for refueling and every bike to have CLEAR numbers visible on the front plate and two side plates,

(The last committee meeting deemed that duct and electrical tape is no longer acceptable, as there are numbers in the caravan at each race event (approx $1each)).

The QUADS all filed in, with healthy numbers seen on the start line. It was good to have the quads clear the track and preen it for the juniors. One of those riders, #115 went further to notify all the wallabies to get out of the way for the next 48 hours.

(For those concerned no wildlife was caused any grief and the concerned Quad rider that steered of course, went down a cliff, rolled 6 times, flipped over the hand bars and came to rest in blackberry bush was treated only with a bandaid of love which was applied to his pride)

The JUNIOR DAY saw a great roll off of riders where all the bikes looked great and saw the race distance with #35 riding extremely well with many wanting his track position.

Our Junior Rep, in Brett was thrilled that the day went off without any major concerns.

Rods day was relative quiet, with only a few riders known to have an altercation with the trees and their roots, but with a well set track a good days racing was had.

So then Sunday came around and....

“There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around that the colts from the camps of #117 and #111 were here to race and race fast n close with the likes of #2 and #3 in their sights. Their racing, along with #70 and #10 was going to be challenged, by the likes of the dark horses in our TERC stable, where we all know them as #15, #39 and #4. 

These stallions were all let loose with a few fillies like #112 and #134 amongst them, where they have ventured out in the paddock with some real good breeds like #525, #175 and #85 for some good close racing. #914 and #888 decided to treat the event as an enduro and not a sprint as #1, #2 and #3 did right from the start gate.

A few jockeys rode too hard, and have had their rides do a fetlock, like #62, #76 and #29, but decided to watch the fleet come home under the chequed flag.

The old draft horses of the field like #550 and #LMbill rode well and returned to the stable in need of some more training before the next race.

Yes, you can see, we as the hard working committee do enjoy what we do in setting up, running and orchestrating our race days, both the lead up and on the day itself. But our main challenge is packing up the track, and in that we are all out there onsite anyway, to give us an extra 60 minutes I see as not a big ask, especially in that you or your son/daughter has just had an A Class track to race on with all the twists n turns, not to mention the facility of first aid onsite and Mylaps there for your enjoyment and satisfaction were all in place. Track building and track pack up is a lot of fun, especially if you get to experience our new 6 wheeler or 4 wheeler and just ride around the track rolling tape up and pulling out pegs, you get to meet stalwarts of the club like #LM50

Our next event is our Grass Track out at Yolla, where the guys have already got a track in mind with all systems go for the two caravans, toilets, pegs and all the tape to get out ready for some serious track building in the coming week, and with the forecasted rain will separate the men from the boys.

But if you cast your mind back to West Pine last year the bad weather didn't stop us and we did see who had the skill and stamina at this event.

If anything, in that you can handle a wet track both as a rider or spectator it is shaping up to be a great track where I am sure we will see some action packed races.

Just to keep you in the loop, our new caravan is going to be converted to an electric braking system, our August Enduro event looks like it will be at Bakers Beach as its calendered event as an Enduro and our new 6 wheeler and quad were very very handy in the set up and pull down of Deep Creek.

Now some big news is that the Grass track event in October is now on a huge property also at Bakers Beach, where we are endeavouring to have a two day event, i.e. Juniors race both on Sat and Sunday, where the same goes for the Seniors.

(FYI: This is yet to be confirmed)

In the case it gets the green light this is where we will be calling upon more than just the regular track builders, and where many of our 500 plus TERC Club members will be required to help out on either or both days, as it will also be the TERC Event where we as a club will again support Ronald MacDonald House.

So no report would be complete without acknowledging the great work of Ash where she has submitted all the right paperwork and permits months n months ago (while we were all sleeping) so we could all race at Deep Creek. 

Thanks also goes to Bels (&Ash) for organizing all the Regos in the caravan, and then the MYLOs for operating Mylaps.

Its good to see our Reps really taking ownership and standing up for their respective sections, there efforts do not go unnoticed.... Thanks Guys.

As always my two VPs did an awesome job and were great where each fulfilled their duties as requested and took on the role of Clerk of The Course on their days.

So we hope to see a great roll up at Yolla, which is on Saturday 27MAY for the juniors and Sunday 28MAY for the seniors....just following the RED TERC signs from where the Cam River intersects the Bass Highway on the west side of Burnie.



President 2017